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Dedicated to Saving Royal Bahamian Potcakes from Abaco, Bahamas
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All puppies deserve a good home, including potcakes. 2017 STATE-OF-THE-POTCAKE REPORT
In 2017, Royal Potcake Rescue helped to find homes for 136 animals!
Of those, 38 were potcakes from the Bahamas!
In addition, we sponsored the spay/neuter of over 400 potcakes in Abaco!
That's over 536 animals that RPR helped in 2017!
Thank you for helping us have a successful year!!!

Watch video of our spay/neuter clinics in Abaco!
Spay/neuter clinic in Abaco, August 2010!

Royal Potcake Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit pet rescue organization with a mission to rescue, and spay & neuter, Potcakes from the Great Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. We also rescue many animals in the local Atlanta area.

The island paradise of Abaco has many homeless dogs. After visiting many times over the years, the desire to do something about the unfortunate stray dog population was realized in 2007 in the form of Royal Potcake Rescue. It all began with bringing a single needy dog from the island , and quickly developed into a network of foster homes, and Abaco, local and internet contacts.

If you could see the horrible conditions these dogs live in, you'd understand why we do this. Potcakes are absolutely wonderful and deserve good homes.

Peace & love, spay & neuter...

Questions you might ask:

Why RPR? Do we really need another rescue group -- for potcakes?

Good questions, and a common thread throughout all the answers is from a combination of two passions.

One, a love for dogs, cats, and animals everywhere, especially those that need homes or care.

And two, a love for a particular string of islands, the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.

The RPR story begins over 20 years ago, when RPR founders visited the beautiful island of Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos, on vacation. A love affair with the island began and over the years many visits were made. A constant distraction upon those utopian shores, however, were the numerous stray dogs and cats. Some of these poor creatures were in a very sad state of health, and with the limited resources on the tiny islands, the care for these potcakes was not first priority.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, we volunteered for a local animal shelter for nearly a decade, helping find forever homes for hundreds of dogs and cats. We provided foster homes for many, many litters of pups and kittens, organized fund raisers, trained other volunteers and organized other foster home families, with the idea of someday doing more. In 2007, the Atlanta shelter we volunteered with went through some philosophical changes, and it seemed the time was right. By establishing our own network of foster homes and resources, RPR became a reality!

We use our resources to bring puppy potcakes from the islands, provide veterinary care for potcakes and local Atlanta animals, and find forever homes. Plans include bringing vets to the island to spay and neuter, thereby directly reducing the population of potcakes and potcats.

Our vision consists of four primary objectives:

Help the potcakes - find them loving, healthy forever homes

Help animals in the Atlanta area - homes with pets are happy homes

Help the people of Abaco - use our resources and funding to provide spay/neuter clinics

Help the islands - so Abaco can remain beautiful and pristine forever!

Where is Abaco?
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